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IstSOS Core JavaScript Library

IstSOS Web Widget Creator

Exposes communication with the IstSOS WA REST interface.

Introduces tools for generating feature-rich widgets based on sensor observation data from IstSOS

Luka Glušica
R plotGoogleMaps

Plot Spatial or Spatio-Temporal Data Over Google Maps.

Provides an interactive plot device for handling the geographic data for web browsers, designed for the automatic creation of web maps as a combination of users' data and Google Maps layers.

Milan Kilibarda
R meteo

Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Mapping of Meteorological Observations

Spatio-temporal geostatistical mapping of meteorological data. Global spatio-temporal models calculated using publicly available data are stored in package.

Milan Kilibarda, Aleksandar Sekulic, Tomislav Hengl, Edzer Pebesma, Benedikt Graeler
R Sparsereg3D Implementation of th emethodology that utilizes lasso regression (standard and hierarchical) for making 3D interaction model of soil variables. Milutin Pejović, Mladen Nikolić