Student Luka Glušica has got Google's scholarship

by OSGL Lab
June 7, 2016
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Luka Glušica, master student of the Geoinformatics module at the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade, has got Google Summer of Codes scholarship. Luka is currently works on his master thesis in field of Information Technologies in cartography at the Laboratory for development of the open source geospatial technologies, under the mentorship of Dr. Milan Kilibarda.

As part of Google Summer of Code program for 2016, the istSOS's authors, within OSGeo organizations, presented their ideas for further development of the istSOS. One of the ideas is related to the development of JavaScript framework that will allow developers to easily implement istSOS functionality in existing or new web application.

Luka Glušica has been selected to work on the development of above-mentioned JavaScript framework (see details). His work will consist of two main parts:

  • development of JavaScript core library, that will expose communication with IstSOS REST API interface;
  • development of simple Web application relying on previously developed core library, that will have set of tools for creation of Web widgets such as Maps, Boxes and Charts based on sensor observation data collected by IstSOS application.

istSOS represents implementation of OGC SOS service written in the Python programming language. istSOS enables efficient management of the data obtained from the sensors.

IstSOS offers a graphical user interface, which enables easier daily use of services, RESTful API, which automates administrative procedures.